wine time

    Hmmm, 9:44, I just framed 5 pieces of art, it’s wine time. OK, now let’s see if this get’s to FB.

    Response to this post:

    1. Jason says:

      Way to hammer out the blog posts!

      As your social media guru du jour, I’ll tell you that there are direct Twitter-to-Facebook possibilities too… for the quick little stuff like this. And since all of your Tweets are automatically pulled into the feed in the sidebar, you don’t have to worry about the “quick bits” making their way onto the blog page.

      I’ll look for a couple of PC app options for you, and we can work up something like a social media utility flow chart (since we’re crossing the “streams” here)… a big picture view of where the data are going and how to get everything everywhere with the least amount of trouble.

      Keep up the good work!